How To Organise The Perfect Hen Party

As the wedding season begins to get underway, it is time to start making plans and preparing for the wedding day and all of the elements involved. If you’ve been lucky enough to be chosen as the maid of honour or bridesmaid for your best friend, you want to give the best hen party possible. To avoid the stress of party organisation, follow our top tips to create an unforgettable hen party that is the perfect send off for your best friend into married life.

Get To Know The Invite List

While you want to involve all of the bride’s nearest friends and family, it may not be sensible to have the future mother-in-law and her granny in tow on a wild night out. If possible, stagger the day, so the family and party prudes get to spend time with the bride in a sophisticated setting, perhaps an afternoon tea or a spa day, before the wild party girls take over and cause offence.

Plan Well In Advance

Busy people take an age to organise, so make sure you send out a ‘save the date’ well in advance so people can move their plans and cater for the bride’s big send off. Being prepared means you can maximise the number of people that can attend and allows you to plan with a confirmed number of guests.

Show Off The Most Important People

At Print My Ribbon, we create personalised sashes that are perfect for showcasing the VIPs of the party. Make sure the bride stands out in a glamourous sash and follow suit for all of the bridesmaids, mothers and other important guests. Depending on the party atmosphere you can create sophisticated and traditional sashes or humorous party pleasers. Let your creativity run wild and make sure that your personalised sashes fit your party style.

Be Financially Aware

Not all of the bride’s friends will be able to afford a week of partying in Marbella, so make sure that you consider the financial aspect. After all, the bride wants to spend the day with all of her closest friends, not just those who can afford it. Get together to organise the budget, so that you design a party that fits with everyone’s financial situation. Remember, fun doesn’t have to cost a thing.

Get Everyone Involved

Make sure to incorporate fun activities and games that get all of the guests involved in the party. To make sure that everyone feels part of the party, why not hand out fun goody bags filled with sweets and accessories, for each goody bag you can personalise with a ribbon from Print My Ribbon. A fun game is to write a personal description on each personalised ribbon and get the party guests to guess which goody bag belongs to who.

Decorations Galore!

Make sure that you show everyone that there is a hen in the room. At Print My Ribbon, we can produce fun banners so you can decorate the party room in true hen party style.

At Print My Ribbon, we want to help you with all of your hen party needs from personalised ribbons on gifts, banners for decoration and the all-important sashes for the hens. If you want assistance with your hen party plans, please get in touch!

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