Five Top Tips For Hosting A Great Children’s Birthday Party

With a huge amount of pressure being put on parents to host the perfect birthday party for their kids, it can feel like you’re in direct competition with all of the other parents in school. However, with simple tricks, you can create a great party with perfect personal touches and something to please even the most difficult of guests without having to re-mortgage the house.

So instead of splashing the cash on a flamboyant party that leaves you frazzled, break the tradition and go back to simple celebrations that are enjoyable and memorable.

  1. Let The Birthday Boy Or Girl Choose The Theme

Party planning is stressful, and there are so many elements to think of. The easiest way to get ahead on all of the planning, from the invitations, cake, games, decorations is to get the birthday boy or girl to choose a theme, perhaps their favourite film, sport or cartoon character. You can then draft invitations with themed images, find a cake that fits on or ask your local bakery to print a chosen picture onto icing and invent fun themed games. Once you have a theme, you’ll find that all aspects of the party will easily slot into place.

  1. Create Your Own Goody Bags

You have better things to do with your time than load up bags of treats. Instead, let the kids do the hard work for you. Bake a tray of cupcakes and give the children bowls of icing, sprinkles and sweets and have the kids spend time making their own perfect cake to take home, perhaps offering a prize to the best decorated (or the tidiest!). Decorating their own cakes means you can spend time in the heart of the action, not in the kitchen cutting up slices of cake.

Next, send the children out on a themed treasure hunt, taking their bags with them so they can find their own treats to take home. Remember to keep a few treats on standby, just in case a poor soul can’t find any.

  1. Personalise Your Decorations

At Print My Ribbon we can create personalised banners perfect for decorating your party room. You can print a whole host of banners personalised with the birthday boy or girl’s name. You can make sure the banners fit the theme by choosing specific colours or perhaps a witty message. At Print My Ribbon, we want to help with all of your party decorations, from banners to decorate the room, to personalised ribbons for cakes and presents.

  1. Offer Something Different

If bouncy castles have been done by every other child in the class, look for alternatives like giant garden games or maybe even inflatable junior sumo suits for an exciting competition that will definitely be a winner for all children. Junior sumo suits come with helmets and braces, so they are perfectly safe, all the children have to do is push their component out of the ring. You’ll have the spectators in fits of laughter as the competitors try to get back on their feet after falling over.

  1. Need Help? Get Your Babysitter

Having hired party planners to coordinate the party can be expensive, the best thing to do is use your usual babysitter to help you with proceedings. Your children will be comfortable having them around and you’ll appreciate the help when they can start activities for you or round them up when it is time for food. A much cheaper alternative than an event coordinator that you’ll be eternally grateful for.

So there you have five simple tricks that will take the stress out of birthday parties and leave you to enjoy the day and photograph all of the wonderful memories.

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