Seven Amazing Themes For The Perfect Baby Shower

Give the mum-to-be a wonderful treat and celebrate new life by throwing a themed baby shower that is fun for all the guests.

Held in the last few months of pregnancy, baby showers are a perfect way to gather friends to have fun and games to celebrate the new little bundle of joy that is joining the world as calm the nerves of the mum-to-be. If you have a pregnant friend that deserves a special treat, then why not use one of these great baby shower themes?

  1. Great Expectations

If mum-to-be is an avid reader, then why not throw a baby shower inspired by literature? The invitations can be made to look like pages from a book, complete with an appropriately named title and with the author being the new mum.  Book themed baby showers can invite lots of fun games such as ‘Consequences’ where you make your own stories, ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ and of course ‘Name that Baby’ using books with famous child and baby characters. Throwing a book themed baby shower is a great way of receiving books as gifts, perfect for building up a library for the new arrival.

  1. Baby-Q

Perfect for summer babies, a Baby-Q is an easy and low maintenance shower that can be set in the host’s garden and offers a relaxed and casual affair. By having a BBQ generally caters for all guests and each guest can bring a dish. BBQs are informal and casual which is perfect for stressed-out brides and makes for easy hosting.

  1. Ready To Pop

 A Ready To Pop theme suits popcorn, lollipops, balloons, bubble wrap and bubblegum. This fun and light-hearted theme invite sweet pastel colours, lollipops on arrival and plenty of fun games involving blowing the biggest bubbles and passing balloons between the knees (keep the bride at the end of the line for hilarious antics when trying to get the balloon past the bump).  Offer dishes of different flavours of popcorn, perfect for guessing the flavour game and highly-addictive, meaning you won’t have any leftovers to clear up.

  1. Space Invaders

A retro throwback that pays homage to the tiny bundle of joy that takes up the whole house. Play fun, vintage video games such as space invaders and Pac-man. Take the throwback theme further with a party filled with retro food and reminiscing.

  1. Bun in the Oven

Ideal for budding chefs and home cooks, a cake themed party is a great way of involving all the guests and getting everyone in the kitchen. Offer cake decorating games and who can create the best-flavoured cookies. A bun in the oven party means that it’s not just the bride that seems to be eating for two!

  1. Welcome to the World

Travel themed parties are fantastic as they inspire a whole host of food, games and entertainment. Ask each guest to bring a dish inspired by a country and maybe even insist on fancy dress. World themed baby shower games include creating the best paper aeroplane and guess the flag, although make it easy for mum-to-be, she may be suffering from baby brain!

  1. What will it Bee?

If you and the guests are itching to find out the details, hosting a What Will It Bee? is perfect for fun when guessing names, weights and birth dates. A great game that’s fun for all is to give each guest a photo of the father and the mother and get the guests to create what they think the baby will look like, guaranteed to be hilarious. Keep the bee theme through bee decorations and honey flavoured food and drink.

Whatever theme you decide, Print My Ribbon is here to help. We can create personalised banners for decorations, unique ribbons for baby shower gifts and ribbon tags for presents to give the guests. If you are having a cake at the baby shower, wrap a personalised ribbon around it, to really show how much you care. Whatever your baby shower needs, we’re here to help.


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