Birthday Present Ideas For Your Family

When it comes to close family, it can be hard to think of presents, particularly when it seems like they already have everything. If you’re struggling to think of gifts for your family members that perhaps don’t ask for anything or have given you no ideas of what to get, here are some great gift choices that are perfect for family members and those who seem to have everything.

  1. Food Hampers

Food baskets are an excellent way to gather all of the special birthday person’s favourite treats. To take them back to their childhood, why not choose a fun retro sweets hamper? If the birthday boy or girl has planned to take a trip somewhere or has a favourite holiday destination, fill a box full of food from the cuisine of that region. Food hampers are a great gift for family members as it is likely to be a unique present and it shows you have put thought and effort into collecting all of the items for it.

You can even make a healthy food hamper for the health-conscious or gym-bunny family members by creating a stylishly designed fruit and nut basket. Whatever theme you choose for your hamper, remember to wrap your basket or box up with a personalised ribbon, a great way for adding a further personal touch to your thoughtful gift.

  1. Membership or Activity Voucher

For someone that doesn’t need another present cluttering up their space, opt for a membership to one of their favourite places or a voucher for an activity they’d love to try, whether this is zorbing, Segway rallying or learning to snowboard.

Memberships for days out are also a great idea for family members as it’s a chance to explore and spend time with them. Opt for memberships such as National Trust or English Heritage for an opportunity to see lots of beautiful sites and is a gift that will keep giving all year round.

  1. Kitchen Gadget Or Appliance

For those who love keeping up to date with cutting edge technology or for those who like easy ways to have treats on hand, opt for a fun kitchen gadget. Appliances like a popcorn or ice cream maker can be perfect for Saturday movie nights in or maybe a smoothie maker for those who love a grab and go drink in the morning.

By giving your family kitchen gadgets for presents, you’ll be able to reap the rewards by trying all of their new and interesting creations made with your generous birthday gift. With your lovely gift, you may inspire new traditions like freshly baked bread on Saturday mornings or Friday night ice-cream in front of the TV.

  1. Homemade Gifts

Nothing shows care and attention like creating a present with your own hands. Baking a birthday cake is a great way to show you care while being kind to your budget and is ideal for when you have run out of present ideas. Create a cake using their favourite ingredients and decorate the cake inspired by their interests.

At Print My Ribbon you can personalise your cake by wrapping a printed ribbon around your cake masterpiece. A personalised ribbon can showcase their age, have their name or an in-joke from your family. Personalised ribbons are a great way to beautifully present your handmade offerings.

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