Fun Ways To Liven Up Your Easter Family Party

With Easter Sunday on April 16th this year, it’s time to start making plans to celebrate with a fun Easter party

Easter is a great time of year to gather together your family together and indulge in fantastic food and drink, particularly if certain treats were given up during Lent. Easter is a great occasion to celebrate with fun games, pretty decorations and something for all the family, whether young or old, after all, Easter egg hunts shouldn’t just be reserved exclusively for children. If you’re looking for ways to make your Easter gathering the best one yet, why not try some of our tried and tested ideas.

  1. Create Fun, Edible Decorations

Easter decorations can be so much fun to design and can be marvelled at (and occasionally eaten) by all of your guests. If you’re hosting a Sunday lunch, scrap the tablecloth and instead create a table runner of fake grass, in this, you can nestle chocolate bunnies, colourful decorated eggs (painted hard boiled eggs or foiled wrapped chocolate alternatives) and bright fluffy Easter chicks. This is a great way to truly showcase the Easter theme and is fun for all the guests.

Add to your home decorations with colourful banners and bunting in pretty pastel colours. At Print My Ribbon, we can create ‘Happy Easter’ banners for you in an array of different colours and even create personalised messages so that you can wish your family a personal Easter message.

  1. Easter Egg Hunt For All The Family

While children may want to run amok scavenging for Easter eggs in every available room, grown-ups can also join in with the fun in a more sophisticated treasure hunt.

For children, hide chocolate and sweets in lots of all manner of hiding places as children are more likely to use their eyes than waste time with reading clues. For adults, keep their hunt going through paper clues and make the questions hard, leading people to search for clues in books, DVD cases and the kitchen.

After all the fun of a riotous treasure hunt, opt for a calming activity afterwards. We love competitive decorating games, hand every one-half of a chocolate easter egg and with icing, food paints, edible glitter and embellishments, challenge everyone to see who can create the best decoration. Give the winner an extra prize, and everyone can then take their designed creation home with them as an Easter present.

  1. Create A Show Stopping Easter Cake

Truly impress all of your guests with a beautiful and decadent Easter. You could opt for a traditional Simnel cake or why not opt for a light and fluffy sponge cake made with duck eggs. You can cover the cake in a rich buttercream leaving the top a blank canvas for you to decorate. Wrap a personalised Easter ribbon around the cake and embellish the top with your own personal style.

For a stylish and sophisticated cake, choose a duck egg blue buttercream and finish the top with a selection of edible flowers and piping. If you want to design a fun crowd-pleaser cake, opt for fried egg decorations, complete with halved crème eggs placed haphazardly on top, so the icing oozes out.


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