The Best Games For Your Baby Shower

To bring the party together and make your friend’s baby shower fun for all involved, try these fun baby shower games, guaranteed to have everyone in giggles.


Nobody wants to have a run of the mill baby shower, to celebrate pregnancy and to welcome new life to the world make your friend’s baby shower an afternoon of fun and frolics. These baby shower games are a great way for everyone at the party to get involved and will keep the party atmosphere going.

  1. Baby Is Forbidden

The best game to start the party is where none of the guests are allowed to say the word ‘baby’ for the whole party. The game is practically impossible where it’s unlikely you’ll see a winner, instead whoever first catches someone saying baby gets a sticker. As the party continues, keep this game in mind, at the end of the party, the person with the most stickers (and clearly the one with the best memory) wins.

  1. Play-Doh Baby

Give each guest a lump of plasticine or modelling clay and get everyone to create the best baby model. This game will be a nostalgic reminder of your childhood and is a stark reminder of how difficult it was to use then as it is now. After 15 minutes, the mum-to-be must review all the Play-Doh babies and decides which one is the best. The winner should naturally, get a prize of jelly babies.

  1. Designer Nappies

An ideal game that will provide laughter at the shower, and during the night-time nappy changes. Each guest receives a couple of disposable nappies and has to write a funny or inspirational message on the back of them. These can then be stored ready for when the baby arrives and will provide encouragement and smiles at every nappy change. By smiles, we mean grimaces.

  1. Measure The Mother

Give each guest a long piece of ribbon (at Print My Ribbon, we can personalise your ribbon with special baby shower themed messages) and make each person cut the ribbon to the size that they believe will wrap around the mum to be's tummy. Anyone checking their own waist or anyone else’s is cheating and should be disqualified. For whoever gets the closest measurement, wins the prize! Remember in this game, flattery will get you in their good books, but it won’t win you the game.

  1. Baby Bag Guesses

A great way to combine a present and a gift in one: fill a bag full of ten commonly used baby items and each person have one minute to reach inside the bag and name the ten things, without looking. The list should be kept to themselves, no shouting out. The one who correctly guessed the most items wins and the mum to be has a new bag of baby essentials.

Remember, no baby shower is complete without some lovely gifts. If you want a showstopping present that all of the guests can contribute to, opt for a nappy cake. A nappy cake looks like a tiered wedding cake but is made up of predominantly nappies and other baby essentials. Tie the nappy cake all together with a thoughtful personalised ribbon from Print My Ribbon so that the mum to be knows it is from all of her special guests. 

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