Top Three Childrens Party Themes

If you want to make your child’s birthday party the best one yet, try one of these great ideas

Children’s parties can be very stressful for parents; there is a lot to organise and many tasks to complete. If you want to make your job easier, start with a theme for the birthday party and watch the rest of the party fall into place.

  1. Kid’s Olympics

An ideal party theme for active kids or sports enthusiasts is an afternoon of sporty challenges and exciting games. For each game or competition nominate a child to provide a running commentary on the event and divide the ‘audience’ into teams, so each contender has fans and supporters. Be creative with your events such as a space hopper race, three-legged races, as well as traditional sack races, relay shuttles and skipping challenges.

When you have lots of guests, you need a cake that feeds everyone. For this, it is easy to create the Olympic logo with 5 round cakes each and wrapping a colourful ribbon around each hoop. At Print My Ribbon, we offer an array of coloured ribbons which you can make your own with a personalised message for the birthday party.

Whatever challenges you host for the children make sure that you stock up on plenty of chocolate medals to give to all the winners.

  1. Art Attack

The ideal party for when the weather is bad, and you want to keep kids entertained indoors, host an arts and crafts party. Kids love to get creative and be inventive in their own individual style. There are many things that you can get kids to design during an arty party, one of the best ideas is photo frames. You can buy decorate your own kits or simply just create cardboard photo frames and let children create their own designer frame.

Remember to take lots of instant photos during the party, so each child already has a picture to keep in the frame. The photo and the frame are a great reminder of the fun time they had at the party and means that you don’t have to worry about providing a goody bag!

  1. At The Movies

By hosting a movie party, you let all the children live their dream of being their favourite film character for a day. A film theme makes the whole party easy to plan with cinema snacks such as popcorn, mini hotdogs and ice cream available or even pic 'n' mix sweets. You can create some great movie games such as charades, guess the theme tune and putting the right characters in the right film.

To get the kids creative, get them to draw their own face masks if their favourite film character and then play a 20 questions style game, so the children guess who each person is. To wind the party down, put on their collective favourite film and marvel at how engrossed (and quiet) they all are!

Remember that Print My Ribbon can help you create the theme of your party with personalised banners to help make your party decorating easy and special for the perfect birthday party.

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