Cool Ways To Celebrate A Sweet 16

Sweet 16s are a huge trend that is no longer just an American tradition. If you have a Sweet 16 coming up, here are some fab ways to mark the momentous occasion.

By the time you’ve reached 16, you already have a good understanding of your personality, and what you like so it’s important that the party celebrates you and encapsulates your personality. There is no point having a party that you’ll remember forever, but only for the wrong reasons. Make sure that you pick a theme that is perfect for you and makes you feel the most comfortable after all; it’s your big day, not anyone else’s.

Great Sweet 16 Party Ideas

Spa Party

‘Sparty’ is an ideal party if you just want to celebrate with your close friends. Spa parties can feel very grown up and will help with the rite of passage that becoming 16 entails. Transform your bedroom into a spa with scented reed diffusers and relaxing chill-out music in the background. You can then enjoy some do-it-yourself treats such as face packs and manicures but spoil yourself with a beauty therapist coming to you. Many beauticians will do home treatments so you and you friends can have the luxury of a facial and Mani/Pedi in the comfort of your home.

Create exotic and virtuous smoothies alongside finger sandwiches and a fruit platter for lunch and then indulge with a prim and proper afternoon tea, the sophisticated way to start your journey into adulthood.

Disney Throwback

While adulthood is looming, make the most of celebrating your childhood with a Disney themed party. A Sweet 16 is a day for you to be treated like a princess and there is nothing better than dressing like one too! Ensure your clique feels part of the party by creating glamorous personalised sashes to wear over your gowns to show whose party it is and why it’s so special.

Ensure that the playlist has plenty of Disney tunes for you and your friends to belt out when the party really gets going. Every princess deserves beautiful flowers and indulgent cake so make sure your parents get acquainted with ‘The Princess List’.

Hollywood Party

Perfect for the summer months, is hosting a Sweet 16 prom. Make all your guests feel like film stars for the night be instructing them on a glitz and glamour dress code and letting them arrive in style on a red carpet. A Hollywood party is a perfect excuse for you to buy a brand new fabulous dress and will show all of your friends in a different light. See if you can project one of your favourite movies onto a big screen in your garden and have cinema snacks at the ready for your guests.

No Hollywood party is complete without an awards ceremony, so hand out some fun and quirky trophies and awards to your friends that will create a great party atmosphere that will have everyone in fits of laughter and will definitely be one for everyone to remember.


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